The Fixin appellation 

Stretching over 267 acres (i.e. 108 ha), the appellation Fixin Village encompasses many lieux-dits (about sixty). It is exclusively located in the commune of Fixin, apart from a small exception for the Premier Cru Clos de la Perrière, part of which is located in the commune of Brochon (4 acres i.e. 1.62 ha, out of the 16.6 acres –i.e. 6.7 ha- of the climat).

The ranking has been established since 1936. Five climats located on the hillside to the west of the village of Fixin are in the Fixin Premier Cru appellation: Clos de la Perrière, Clos du Chapitre, Clos Napoleon, Les Hervelets, les Arvelets. The other lieux-dits are in the appellation Fixin Village. The Village appellation, like the Premier Crus, can specify the lieu-dit of origin.

The Village appellation and the Premier Crus can produce both red and white wines. The Chardonnay grape is used for the white wines, and the Pinot Noir grape produces the red wines.

Reclassification is possible as Côte de Nuits-Villages.

Area in appellation: 267 acres (i.e. 108 hectares)

7.4 acres (i.e. 3 ha) for white wines

 259 acres (i.e. 105 ha) for red wines

Fixin Premier Cru

 white wine 1.4 acres

 Fixin Premier Cru red wine

Fixin Premier Cru white wine

 Clos de la Perrière: 1.24 acres 

Fixin Premier Crus red wine 

 Clos de la Perrière: 15.32 acres

 Clos du Chapitre: 11.9 acres

 Clos Napoléon: 4.4 acres

 Les Hervelets: 9.4 acres

 Les Arvelets: 8.9 acres

Fixin white wine

6.2 acres

50.7 acres

Fixin red wine

209 acres

Wine Tasting Notes

Fixin red wine

The Fixin red wine is often qualified as a "winter wine” because it needs to age. Highly coloured, it has a medium dark red robe with brilliant purplish overtones. The nose is shared between floral (violet, peony), fruity (blackcurrant, cherry, quince), animal, musky and pepper aromas, and cherry stone is also found. Although Fixin is often tannic and firm in its youth, when aged it presents a rounded and brilliant attack, with a strong structure. Its viscosity is noticeable, its texture delicate.

Clos de la Perrière

The wines leave a perfume of violet combining finesse and robustness.

Clos du Chapitre

This fleshy, solid wine, rich in colour, offers great depth.

Clos Napoleon

The wine is characterised by a great finesse.

Les Hervelets et les Arvelets

The wines express all the nuances of the red fruit so typical of the Pinot Noir grape, set off by floral aromas, with great finesse and bouquet. The structure is clearly defined.

Fixin white wine

The wine reveals wonderfully well the heart of the Chardonnay grape. From the shales from which it springs, the wine extracts its full, rounded, viscous character, with great consistency and more discreet floral notes

The Clos de La Perrière

Food and wine pairing

The red wines, masculine and yet delicate, have a tannic structure that is pleasing with pork, beef and even curry or tandoori. The delicacy of its aromas leads the red Fixin into the most creative associations, such as paella, tapas or nems. These red wines also go well with all kind of cheeses.Best served at 13 to 15 °C.

The white wines are perfect with the regional parsley ham, seafood, fish and poultry accompanied with a white sauce, blue cheese like Bleu de Bresse and goat’s cheese (crottin de Chavignole)Best served at 11 to 13 °C.

Etudes et cartes :
Françoise Vannier-Petit
Photographies :
Françoise Vannier-Petit,
Valérie Huguenot Office de tourisme du canton de Gevrey-Chambertin